So time has flown by amazingly fast this year. There has been so much to keep up with. I wanted to thank a few people who have had a major impact on me in the last 18 months. I am trying to unbundle time by years as normal people do but I can’t. I can only tell time in pre #MAGA and post #MAGA terms. I blame Mike Cernovich Danger & Play Scott Adams Scott Adams’ Blog mostly.

Now everyone has written about Trump, but no one really called it like those two and later Vox Day Vox Day so if you are really wanting to delve into the phenomenon, start with those three.

Now when this campaign kicked off, I knew Trump would change the political game forever. I knew he would win it all. I have known since I read this First sign of panic that he was going to do it.

The interesting part for me personally was that I knew, but I could not quite put my finger on it. Well via the magic of Twitter (follow me sconnolly0331 I was introduced to Scott Adams (Scott Adams) Master Persuader Filter and Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset. Now there was some skepticism on my part, but the world of persuasion was unlocked for me.

It started when I stumbled onto Mike Cernovich’s twitter (Cernovich) and he retweeted this article American Spring. Cernovich was my gateway drug to Adams, and the rest is history. My goal for now is to tell my election story from now until inauguration day. There are wizards and Nazi’s, you will see that words have magic, learn about how Tucker Carlson saved the Republic and how a real estate magnate from Queens fooled around and became the leader of the free world. I am using the publication date of Naval ‘s American Spring as the starting point, and will end on my tale on or around inauguration day. This should fully exorcise my #MAGA demons and let me use the skills I have acquired to better myself. Thanks for stopping in and I will check back in as soon as I can to start part 1.


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